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Height:   5'7"
Weight:   165LBS.
From:   Minneapolis, Minnesota
Finishing Move:   Frogsplash
DCW World Heavyweight Champion, DCW Commissoner
DCW King of The Ring 1 Winner (2022)
Theme Song:   "Sic" By Slipknot
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Twitch made his wrestling debut in Razors Edge Wrestling on March 25th, 1999. Twitch defeated Sin after a brutal 15 minute hardcore death match. The match was a bloodbath to say the least, but Twitch got the victory that day.

Later, in 2000 DCW Owner Blaze Mordecai invited Razors Edge Wrestling to do a few events on his property. Thats how Twitch made his connection with Blaze Mordecai. In the year 2000 Twitch made his DCW in ring debut at their first show in June 2000. Twitch later went on to become the DCW World Heavyweight Champion. After a few weeks, Twitch vacated the championship due to injury & became the new DCW Commissioner.

Twitch will be returning to the newly relaunched DCW in 2022.
Twitch will be facing off against Chris Jericho at "DCW: Summerslam 1".

"DCW: Summerslam 1"
takes place on August 7th, 2022.
The event will be available to watch for free on Has Moved

This blog is now closed and will be deleted on June 11th 2023. DCW has been sold and seperated into 2 different websites. Please, update you...