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Height:   5'9"
Weight:   137LBS.
From:   Hartford, Connecticut
Finishing Move:   Pedigree
Theme Song:   "All Grown Up" By Jim Johnston
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"Stephanie McMahon" made her World Wrestling Federation (WWF) debut on June 27th, 1998 as part of a storyline between her father Vince McMahon & The Undertaker. Stephanie McMahon went on to become an in ring performer who captured the World Wrestling Federation Women's Championship.

Stephanie McMahon made her DCW debut at "DCW: Summerslam 1" which took place on August 7th, 2022 where she ran in during the Violator vs Custodian match in which she attacked the Custodian. That led to a mixed tag team match between Violator & Custodian facing off against Viscera & Stephanie McMahon at "DCW: Royal Rumble 1".

Most recently Stephanie McMahon faced off against Commissioner Penska in a WWF vs DCW Interpromotional Match at "DCW: Wrestlemania 1". Commissioner Penska made Stephanie McMahon tap out in 5:28. Stephanie McMahon hasn't been seen ever since & she has returned to the WWF. Stephanie McMahon was officially released from her DCW contract on October 4th, 2022. Here is the official announcement of Stephanie McMahon's October 4th 2022 DCW release. Has Moved

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