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Height:   5'10"
Weight:   252LBS.
From:   Tokyo, Japan
Finishing Move:   Fireball
Theme Song:   "Freak" By Silverchair
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"Juggalo" made his wrestling debut in 2000 for Razors Edge Wrestling (REW). Juggalo wrestled for REW until their company died in 2002. Juggalo wrestled in many brutal hardcore matches against Vengeance throughout those years. Juggalo's manager the "Juggalette" often got physical & violent in any matches that the Juggalo was involved in.

Juggalo will be making his DCW in ring debut at "DCW: Summerslam 1" where he will face off against Kurt Angle & Richter Von Trash in a Triple Threat Match.

"DCW: Summerslam 1" will be taking place on August 7th, 2022.
The event will be available to watch for free on Has Moved

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