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Height:   5'10"
Weight:   250LBS.
From:   Torrance Pennsylvania State Mental Hospital
Finishing Move:   Chokeslam
Theme Song:   "Nomad" By Sepultura
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"Insanity" made his wrestling debut in Razors Edge Wrestling (REW) in early 1999. His first match was against a wrestler named "Sin" in REW. Insanity came to the ring & Sin began legitimately beating Insanity in the head with a thick plastic pipe. Insanity won the match by beating the fuck out of Sin within a few minutes.

Later on, DCW Owner invited REW to host a few events on his property. Insanity was one of the REW wrestlers that later joined Deranged Championship Wrestling (DCW) in the summer of 2000.

Insanity will be returning to the newly relaunched DCW in 2022. Insanity was & is the leader of The Dark Astray group with Dismembered. Insanity & Dismembered will be facing off against Tazz & Chris Benoit at "DCW: Summerslam 1" on August 7th, 2022. Insanity has stated that he's already looking for new members to join The Dark Astray & he will add new members in due time.

"DCW: Summerslam 1" will be available to watch for free on Don't miss it! Has Moved

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