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Height:   5'6"
Weight:   140LBS.
From:   Brooklyn, New York
Finishing Move:   Sleeper Hold
Theme Song:   "Scarface Theme" By Giorgio Moroder
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"Don Cortino" made his Deranged Championship Wrestling debut in July 2000 at a DCW Taping. Don Cortino was originally the manager of Timmy 2-Tone. However, after a few months Don Cortino was ready to step into the ring as a performer. Don Cortino & Timmy 2-Tone claimed to be a part of an organized crime family.

Don Cortino will be making his return to "DCW: Summerslam 1" on August 7th, 2022 where he will be teaming up with Timmy 2-Tone to take on The Crusher & Blaze. The event will be available to watch for free on Has Moved

This blog is now closed and will be deleted on June 11th 2023. DCW has been sold and seperated into 2 different websites. Please, update you...