"DCW: Survivor Series 1"

"DCW: Survivor Series 1" took place on November 27th, 2022 from the Creekside Country Coliseum in West Newton, Pennsylvania. The event was around 1 hour 30 minutes in duration. Text results are down below the pay per view video if you want to see the results of the matches.

"DCW: Survivor Series 1" (11.27.2022):




Pay Per View Theme Song:
"I Don't Wanna Stop" By Ozzy Osbourne

Match #1:

Tag Team Match (The Hardy Boys Debut)
The Hardy Boys   vs.   Timmy 2-Tone & Don Cortino
Matt Hardy defeats Don Cortino with Twist of Fate at 11:54

Match #2:
Singles Match
Overtaker   vs.   Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho defeats Overtaker with Walls of Jericho Submission at 11:23

Match #3:
Triple Threat Match
Insanity   vs.   Tazz   vs.   Black Bull
Tazz defeats Insanity with Tazz Mission at 5:26

Match #4:
Singles Match
Twitch   vs.   Dismembered
Twitch defeats Dismembered with A Frogsplash at 20:30

Match #5:
DCW World Tag Team Championship Match
Champions -   Richter Von Trash & Halloween Jack   vs.   Crusher & Blaze
Richter Von Trash defeats Blaze with Doomsday Reverse DDT at 10:34

Match #6:
DCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Champion - Desecrator   vs.   Chris Benoit   vs.   Kurt Angle
Desecrator defeats Kurt Angle with Double Arm DDT at 13:03




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