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Height:   5'7"
Weight:   150LBS.
From:   Manhattan, New York
Finishing Move:   Kata ha jime (Tazz Misson)
Destoyed "Habib" In Debut Hardcore Match
Theme Song:   "Old" By Machinehead
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Watch Original DCW Footage:   Habib vs. Crusher (July 14th, 2000)

Crusher, originally debuted on the very first DCW show as a referee. However, owner Blaze Mordecai had been talking the referee into becoming an onscreen wrestler on the active DCW Roster. After 4 weeks, Crusher made his debut on DCW's first pay per view event "Wrecking Day" where he battled the giant "Habib". Crusher, looked to be very outmatched as Habib weighed 100lbs more than Crusher & Habib was nearly 1 foot taller.

Everyone was shocked when Crusher defeated Habib by beating him with any weapons he could get his hands on. This was a hardcore match & Crusher took it to another level. At the end of the match, Crusher, dropped a trash can lid on Habib's face. Then, Crusher, jump several feet into the air & stomped the trash can lid into Habib's face. Habib got injured & was out of action for weeks.

Crusher will be wrestling at DCW's first pay per view event "DCW: Summerslam 1" which will be taking place on August 7th, 2022. Crusher & Blaze will be teaming up to take on "Timmy 2-Tone" & "Don Cortino" in tag team action. Watch "DCW: Summerslam 1" for free here on Has Moved

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