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Height:   6'0"
Weight:   257LBS.
From:   Purgatory
Finishing Move:   DDT
2 Time "DCW World Heavyweight Champion"
Theme Song:   "Jesus Saves" By Slayer
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Blaze, made his wresting debut in Deranged Championship Wrestling in June 2000. Blaze, was an entrant in the DCW World Heavyweight Championship tournament during the first 2 weeks of DCW. Blaze won the DCW World Heavyweight Championship where he went on to defend his championship at DCW's pay per view "Wrecking Day" which took place on July 14th, 2000 where he fought against Desecrator, Twitch, & his arch nemesis Insanity. Insanity, led a group of wrestlers to beat Blaze down. Insanity threw Blaze's body into the Insanity box & soon after Blaze was set on fire. By the end of the "Wrecking Day" pay per view. Blaze had disappeared.

Blaze was gone for many months eventually making his return. However, after a few weeks another Blaze character appeared on the scene. 2 Blaze characters haunted DCW for many months.

Blaze is scheduled to make his return for the new relaunched DCW. He will be appearing on DCW's first pay per view of 2022 named "DCW: Summerslam 1". Blaze is now a 2 time DCW World Heavyweight Champion as he has again won the DCW World Heavyweight Championship in the 16 man tournament at "DCW: No Mercy 1". Has Moved

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