Saturday, June 11, 2022

"DCW Wrestling" Pictures (2000 - 2001)

Back in the years of 2000 & 2001, I helped run a backyard wrestling company called "D.C.W." which stands for "Deranged Championship Wrestling".

Anyways, here are some pictures below from some of our classic matches from that time period. Thanks for reading motherfuckers!

Dead Is Better,
Blaze Mordecai


"DCW Pictures" (2000 & 2001):

The Eeerie Masks of The 2 "Blaze" Characters - D.C.W. Season 2 (2001)

"Black Bull" crushes "Snap!" At D.C.W "Foolish Pride" - Season 1 (2000)

"Black Bull" Tells All of His Haters To Fuck Off

"Blaze" & "The Crusher" Form A Tag Team - D.C.W. Season 2 (2001)

"Blaze" Becomes The First Ever D.C.W. World Champion (Season 1 - 2000)

The First Ever "D.C.W. Wrestling Championship" - D.C.W. Season 1 (2000)



















"The Crusher" Will Crush Anyone Who Gets In His Way (D.C.W. Season 1 - 2000)

"The Crusher" Is Ready for A Fight - D.C.W. Season 2 (2001)

"Custodian" vs "Busta Hitchins" vs "Overtaker" At D.C.W. "Foolish Pride" (Season 1 - 2000)

"Custodian" & "Don Cortino" Drunk Behind The Scenes (D.C.W Season 1 - 2000)

"The Custodian" Debuts A Few Weeks After D.C.W. Begins (Season 1 - 2000)

"Dark Astray" Members "Insanity" & "Dismembered" - (D.C.W. Season 1 - 2000)

"Dismembered" Body Slams "Timmy 2-Tone" - (D.C.W Season 1 - 2000)

"Desecerator" Becomes D.C.W World Champion (Season 1 - July 14, 2000)

"Desecrator" Brutally Smashes A Crutch Over The Head of "Habib" (Season 1 - 2000)

"The Custodian" Kicks "Timmy 2-Tone" In The Face - (D.C.W Season 1 - 2000)

"Desecrator" Smashes "Insanity" With A Steel Chair At D.C.W. "Wrecking Day" (2000)

"Insanity" Chokes "Desecrator" At D.C.W. "Wrecking Day" (Season 1 - 2000)

"Desecerator" Becomes D.C.W World Champion (Season 1 - July 14, 2000)

"Dismembered" Body Slams "The Crusher" At D.C.W. "Foolish Pride" (2000)

"Don Cortino" Debuts As The Manager of "Timmy 2-Tone"

"Habib" Challenges "The Crusher" To A Match At D.C.W. "Wrecking Day" (2000)

"Habib" Prepares To Battle "The Crusher" At D.C.W. "Wrecking Day" (2000)

"Habib" Transforms Into "Halloween Jack" AT D.C.W. "Foolish Pride" (2000)

"Insanity" Debuts At D.C.W. "Wrecking Day" (Season 1 - 2000)

"Insanity" Vows To Burn "Blaze" Alive At D.C.W. "Wrecking Day" (Season 1 - 2000)

"Insanity" Gives "Timmy 2-Tone" A Powerbomb From Hell At "Foolish Pride" (Season 1 - 2000)

"Insanity" Chokes "The Crusher" At D.C.W. "Crimson Warfare" (Season 1 - 2000)

"Timmy 2-Tone" Is Choking Out "Insanity" (Season 1 - 2000)

Blaze Mordecai As "Insanity" (D.C.W. Season 1 - 2000)

"Violator" Hits "Insanity" with A Low Blow (D.C.W. Season 1 - 2000)

The Demonic "Insanity"

"Overtaker" Has "Busta Hitchins" Trapped In An Ankle Lock At D.C.W. "Foolish Pride" (2000)

"Overtaker" Battles The Giant "Halloween Jack" (D.C.W. Season 1 - 2000)

"Twitch" Gives "Violator" A Spear for The Takedown At D.C.W. "Foolish Pride" (2000)

"Snap!" Dropkicks "Violator" At D.C.W. "Foolish Pride" (2000)

"Snap!" Powerbombs "Violator" At D.C.W. "Foolish Pride" (2000)

"Dismembered", "Custodian", & "Insanity"

"Timmy 2-Tone"

"Timmy 2-Tone" Bleeds From His War with "Insanity" At D.C.W. "Foolish Pride" (2000)

"Twitch" Hitting "Custodian" In The Head with A Weapon At D.C.W. "Foolish Pride" (2000)

"Twitch" Makes His Entrance At D.C.W. "Wrecking Day" (Season 1 - 2000)

"Desecrator" Blasts "Twitch" with A Steel Chair At D.C.W. "Wrecking Day" (2000)

"Dismemebered" Is Ready For War!

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